Real Talk w/ DJ Willis Haltom #Part1


- What is your take on the scene as a whole?

I think the scene in Hawaii has grown quite a bit in recent years and has a lot to be proud of. There are quite a few different crews doing great things and I see a lot of younger kids djing and wanting to do events which i think is great. Livewire is doing huge events and bringing quality talent. There are other promotion companies doing quality events and I'm seeing more collaborations lately which is good for everyone.

- Two part question here. How do you try to do your part in educating people about the array of music that's out there and improving the scene.

Personally I try to bring quality acts to Hawaii that haven't been here or have been but are still on the lips of the most knowledgeable house and techno heads. Asylum and myself strive to keep educating people on new music and DJs worth talking about. I also along with my friends enjoy promoting events outside of Asylum and getting a crowd that doesn't necessarily stay up late enough to hear most of the DJs we bring or are old enough yet. We also have some other exciting things in the works that i think people will be very excited about when they come to fruition.

- How has playing outside of Hawaii made you a better more knowledgeable "fan" of music?

Playing outside of Hawaii the last few years has helped me see what other places have to offer and what I can bring back or become inspired from. I don't think it's made me more knowledgeable because I feel like Hawaii personally isn't behind when it comes to things going on at Asylum or Livewire etc. We are doing exactly what most big cities are doing but we just have a few less people going out on a consistent basis but not by much.

Recently I've been focusing on making more music and i've gotten some great advice from a few friends. I think not giving up and just working and finishing tracks has been the best advice I've gotten. Don't stop and just finish it and keep moving forward. I've had some great results lately and I'm excited for people to hear them very soon.


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