Real Talk w/ DJ Matt Kee *Part 1 of 2

Peter Chiapperino

A lot of top flight DJs have played out here this year, which one's have impressed you the most?

There was this one weekend last December for Willis Haltom’s birthday. There were parties at Asylum on Friday and Saturday nights, followed by a Sunday daytime pool party at the Queen Kapiolani hotel. The guest DJs that weekend were Christian Martin (SF) and also Butane (Berlin). Christian Martin is one of my favorite producers and that Dirtybird bass sound is very fresh, yet it also appeals to the old school freestyle/booty hip hop DJ in me. And then, Butane has a very tight technical style of techno mixing that blew me away. There’s only a few times here in Hawaii I’ll get to see DJs play like that and every time I’ve seen it, I try to take home a few new lessons.

Mainstream gigs, when was the last time you played at one?

I actually stopped collecting new mainstream music about 2-3 years ago. I felt like playing for that scene here in Hawaii was so predictable and I didn’t want it to be a crutch. I still have mad love and respect for my friends who are promoting and DJing in that scene, but for me personally, I felt like I wasn’t growing as a DJ. That isn’t to say I won’t ever play some of the older mainstream in my collection, but there is a time and a place. I do have a lot of 80s/90s and classic Hip Hop/R&B that I like to break out for First Fridays at Lotus.

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