Real Talk w/ The Lion of Judah #Part1


Would you say the latino community is thriving when it comes to traditional dance culture events?

I wouldn’t say thriving. Because of my experience with what this Hawaii Latino community has done in the past, and from what I seen on a world wide scale in these last 13 years, its not thriving, BUT, What I am seeing right now is a movement of unity amongst promoters and Djs and an entirely new audience who are taking to the Latino entertainment.

Define your role in the popularity and "resurgence" if you will of Latino friendly events and how these events compared to those that went on 5-7 years ago?

Well I've been plugging away through the good times and the bad and made some mistakes and made some incredible decisions. But I always supported EVERYONES Latin event through the years, stuff from Rolando Sanchez to Nancy Ortiz to Ray Cruz to Greg the Salsaman, Salsa No Ka Oi all the way to Son Caribe Band. I feel for me when I left the latin night I ran at Zanzabar for 6 years in 2008, it FORCED me to realize what my role was for this community, and my vision to bring it into the mainstream light. When I ran Zanzabar I didn’t have the formula yet to bridge that gap, my music knowledge wasn’t there, I was one sided playing more of one genre and not catering to everybody. I didn’t want to cater just to the “dancer” even though I am a professional dancer and a former state champion, I wanted to bridge the gap between LATINO and Dancer through my parties I promote and my Djing. I realized the full vision when I entered the Mai tai dj battle earlier this year and much to my surprise and to many of you who were there and didn’t think I should’ve made the finals, I made the finals and had an incredible support group for me there consisting of 50% “Dancers” and 50% “Latinos”. It is now because of that experience I am now recognized WORLD WIDE as a bonafide latino Dj, thanks to social media. I would personally like to thank you HATERS out there who bashed me when I made the final, because it gave me a HUUUUGGGGEEEE raise WORLDWIDE.

How does the energy and vibe "improve" itself in comparison to regular nightlife experiences you've personally experienced?

Not to take anything away from the mainstream scene or other kind of Cultural Vibes (shameless plug, Waimalu shopping center I get my Latino clothing there) there is nothing more beautiful and happy then a LATIN party, It is sensual, sexy and happy all at the same time. Ive been in the club scene for 24 years and my favorite is the Latin Parties.

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