Ill Talk w/ @djillphil


What's new with you since the last time you appeared in the Honolulu Weekly sir?

You know that expression "Don't quit your day job."? Well, that's exactly what I did. (hahaha) Don't try this at home kids! I've worked almost every type of job I could get and at the end of the day I wasn't satisfied with what I was doing and felt I was wasting my time. Life is too short. Iv'e been doing ok since then, Im lucky to have a residency at a great place with people that support me. Like a lot of djs now I got into mixing music videos and remixing songs. Since the last time we talked I've been exploring on how I can be more effective as a dj and in return I've had the opportunity to work with some of HI's best djs while also opening doors for some of the new djs.

How have you adapted to electronica dominating pop music these days?

It is what it is, thats all you hear now and thats cool, just like in any genre it has it's place. It's the evolution of music and I respect that and I try to keep up with whats going on, but Hip Hop will always be in my soul. It's what attracted me to DJing in the first place but Iv'e learned to keep an opened mind about music, no matter what time period or genre it is. Good music is good music period.

How do you stay true, in life, music etc?

I take things one day at a time, Im not busting balls for gigs or taking myself too seriously. I'd rather have one great set a week rather than ten crappy ones. Your only as good as your last performance.

Who do you look up to in life?

I admire anyone who has the balls to follow their dreams, no matter what that is.

What kind of competition gets you going, from within or the exterior shit?

I feel like at this point Im not trying to compete with anyone but to be the best dj I can be, it inspires me to be here around so many talented djs. I learn from all of them, you also learn a lot about yourself when you've been djing a few years.

What do you represent, not just DJing and music but in life?

I represent everyone who has ever supported me.

Props, Plugs, Praises.

I got much respect for djs like Jrama, Jimmy Taco & Jus Bone in the sense that they are always involved with our Hip Hop scene and are preserving the culture and giving local artist a platform to do their thing. I hope that one day I can be as much of an influence as they are.

Special S/O to: My Mother, Kat, Diego, Jayphil & Everyone @ Da Big Kahuna,

DJS: Da Pizzlemane, So Amazin, E Dub, Rude Dogg, D3, B Eazy, Billy G, James Coles, Wizz, AnArky, LT, Infamous Stylez, Blake, Mike D, Flip, Technique, Bozu, Elite, EP, Packo, Bennie James, Bonafied Sound, Nocturnal Sound Crew, Stone Groove Family.


Check me out @ Da Big Kahuna every Thurs & Fri

First Fridays @ The Loft

Sun Oct 28 Bar 35

Wed Oct 31st Jimmy Buffetts Halloween Costume Party

Find me rockin parties all over the island via: @DJILLPHIL ILL PHIL

Instagram @DJILLPHIL

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