Real Talk w/ Different Definition Part 2


You've had opportunities to perform live more and more recently, how important is that aspect opposed to the writing and recording part of being an artist?

It is a very important aspect to an artist but the writing and recording is where the music is born. Many artists begin in the writing/freestyling stage and then work there way to recording and performing. Of course you also get your freestyle artists such as The Hieroglyphics but, they usually will record before they perform. For me, It started off in the freestyling and writing then quickly moved to the performing before the recording. I built my own home studio after I began pursing Hip~Hop as a career but, never used recordings in my live sets. I would always play the instrumentals live of my keyboard and perform the songs without the recordings. Even so, the fact still remains that in the Hip~Hop and Rap game today all the lucrative and non-lucrative opportunities are in live performing. There is no better way to get your name and your sound out there. Especially with music going viral making cd's a way of the past. That's also why we need to keep them alive jus like the classic Hip~Hop we all listen to.

How are you trying to become more involved in the local hip hop scene and also set yourself apart from it. Stand out so to speak?

I am always trying to set myself apart from all other artists and genres when I create music and that goes for any scene but, I am trying to unite with the Hawaii Hip~Hop scene and it's artists. Not only emcees but, dj's, b-boys, and graffiti artists by being present at as many local shows and events as humanly possible while collaborating with local artists. I am currently in the process of putting together a mixtape which will include some of Oahu's finest emcees such as Sirenz, Eli, Kruze, and god willing possibly a few more.

Next project we should be ready for?

Different Definition has a few albums almost ready to drop as well as some that are still in the making. The "Finally Official "EP I dropped with Suspek and Code-E Keyz will be released tomorrow on bandcamp under the link from Code-E Keyz but, I will also be making copies of the EP for distribution in the next couple weeks. However, my next projects that you should look out for are my first solo album "All Aspects of Thought" as well the sequel to that classic LP. But before that sequel you can expect to see the collaboration between Loyalty and myself "Spiritual Warfare" LP released soon after.

Shouts, Plugs, Praises?

First off, I'd like to give a BIG shout out to Kalani @ AsiticMajic for reaching out to me and making this all possible. I'd also like to thank Jus Bone Kaneshiro for having us on The Got Rice Show as well as Duke and Kiki King all of them were and still are supporters of Different Definition and The Movement. Much love also goes out to Mo Love, Jikk Johns, Sleepy Stunna, Sam "The Pakman" John, Terrance "Suspek" Williams, Rassie "Loyalty" Harris, Travis "Dotcom" McDonald, Jensen "Blakout" Okata, Tesa Soul, Kiesh, Steve Brooks, Eli The One and Only, Navid Najafi & The Illnomadics, Illisit, Sirenz, Kruze, Jj The Jet Plane, Punahele, Definition, Kwalified & Ill Hill, Made You Look, JuJu, & Dj Handy, and of course my family my father Misak, Keri my moms, my sisters Ani and Sophie, everyone that supported me and the music Danielle, Summer, Dani, Stacy, Brandon, Hector, Steve, Kanoe and so many more. Also, you can catch Different Definition @ Bar 7 Sept. 16th and @ Edge Bar on Sept. 22nd. Come see for yourself what Different Definition really means.

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