Real Talk w/ DJ Blake


Playing for the crowd is the priority most of the time, what are the good and bad points about catering to a crowd too much?

Playing for the crowd too much can hurt because it can take away the creativity of you as a dj. Sometimes the dj knows what the crowd wants more than they do. They just don't know it yet, and it's our job as the dj to show them. It's all about finding the balance between you controlling the crowd but still letting them feel like they're in control of there night.

How do you try to stand out?

I try to stand out by staying ahead of the curve. I try to stay on my toes and know about gadgets before they come out and music before it comes out and new tricks or video effects that other dj's might not have. As a dj these days, you're only as good as the tools you have to compliment your skills.

Some may say playing in Waikiki is not the biz, why is it the bizness?

Waikiki is Waikiki. It's a staple for the nightlife community in hawaii so it will always be there. It might not be for everyone but it is the "biz" because of the fact that it's a steady stream of money there night after night. Maybe not as much as over the past years but it's still standing strong and will continue to.

How did the Krack Hand DJs crew come about, update us on the members and their recent contributions to nightlife and the local DJ scene?

Krack hand dj's isn't really a crew. We're just a band of brothers that came together to support and inspire each other to stay focused and keep progressing forward in our individual careers. As of right now we consist of myself, DJ 720, DJ Big John, DJ Bozu from Japan, DJ Midori from japan, DJ Aristo, DJ (an)Rky, DJ LT, and DJ J-Note from Seattle. Each member has contributed in there own way wether it be in the club scene,radio,mobile,mixshow,mixtape, or in anyway possible they all hold there own and we all push each other to stay on our toes and keep moving forward to do better things every year.

Besides playing out all the time, how do you try to remain relevant in the scene?

I go out from time to time to network and just stay up to date with all the homies in the scene. I donradio mixshows, and release mixes regularly. I also do my own edits and remixes that i post up for others to see so the public can know that i do more than just club work.

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