Real Talk w/ James Coles #Part1 #Hawaiilegend


What excites you about DJing today that wouldn't do much for you 15 years ago?

90s OL SKOOL! 15 years ago I was all into my 70s & 80s now I love playing the classic for the people that appreciate it..i had no idea I was gonna love playing 90s to me 1996 was yesterday : ) playing the music of my heart and now music for another generations heart ( the 90s ) is a TRUE DJ BONUS for me

For you it's definitely about loving the music and loving what you do, not staying relevant, would you agree?

First and foremost.. yes.. my motto is if ya not lovin what ya doin why do it..but ill tell ya I get asked the question all the time..jame ya been DJING for 30+ years now how do ya stay relevant ..really im not sure..but because I love doing ol skool parties..teen parties..EDM parties and now on 939 Jamz everynight..that might be helping me stay relevant.

How do your kids keep you hip to the styles and trends of today?

Hahaha that’s funny they killin me in song pop right now..but yeah they help me all the time..i mean I try..but im not digging for tracks every other day like my kids telling want me to down load ya all our songs for

The biggest mistake a talented DJ of right now could make?

NOT MARKET THEMSELVES! That was my mistake back in the 80s to mid 90s..boy now with all the competition you need to! And my god with FACEBOOK and Flyers so cheap and blogs & all the social media your crazy not to ..its JUST as important as your talent for sure.

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  1. i forgot to add to first question..TALKING! if you know me.. my ass would NEVER talk on the damm mic..this is exciting the hell out of me cause its all new to me and i always new it was so very important but my ass was scared to can teach a OLD DOG new tricks..thanks to Jamie Hyatt for asking me to

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