Real Talk w/ Aceyalone


How much does having a legacy in hip hop mean to you?

It means a lot but not just in hip hop, in life. I at least
want to leave something respectable for the future.

When are you at your creative best? What time of day? Are you more creative alone or with other creative minds?

It comes at different time both those you named and even weirder situations. I can't control it.

How is performing in a remote place like Hawaii compare to cities with bigger scenes?

It's not to much different when the vibe is there. It feels good when it's dope, where ever.

Is there and us versus them mentality when it comes to the underground you rep?

No! by no means. media and the misguided create those scenarios. I stand for what I stand for, to each his own.

What excites you about the new breed of hip hop artists today?

A lot of the old styles we did awhile ago are more excepted now. I can see some of them are finally starting to get it.

Do you consider yourself as a mentor in hip hop?

Well, yea and a Student.

What knowledge to you share with younger hip hop heads of today?

Be yourself.

5 memories of your last visit to Hawaii?

Hiking in Maui, plate lunches, poke, checkin' out a hula hula show (lol) and the shows.

We are more than half way through the year, how do you intend to close out 2012 and what else is on the horizon for you?

New Record !! " Leaning On Slick " Stay Tuned.

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