Real Talk w/ DJ Edit


How was your birthday, was Halle Berry good to you?

My birthday was great! Turning 30 was not as bad as I expected… The turnout for the release of M O IV E M E N T was slower than I expected but we had a great time none the less. The staff at Vice, with some help from two special friends Malia and Ursula, went through A LOT of trouble to surprise me with banners in two areas of Vice that night. Patron was the choice of the night, along with a bottle of Blanc de Bleu, a new champagne line.

You are always someone I think of when it comes to someone who just really cares about music, how it should be represented and remaining fresh and brand new. That being said, what went into your latest mix and did anything about the process and goals behind it change from previous Movement albums?

The goal with M O IV E M E N T was to get a little more agressive with the music, anyone who’s heard the last three will agree that there were a lot of commercial top 40 tracks on them. Though I had Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” on this installment, Technique and I got very agressive with the remixes we played. We also had a lot more copies made, and shouts to the guys at Kurious and David Miyachi in specific for all the help on this project!

How was it to work with Technique on Movement 4?

People that know Tech and I know that we go way back… Back to the days of I-94… prior to the conversion to HOT 939 and now 939 Jamz. Back to the days before Serato when lugging crates of wax to the club was the norm… With that being said Tech is a great friend of mine and has always been a huge inspiration through the years. It was only fitting that he be a part of this growing journey I’ve been on throughout all the Movement volumes.

I speak for many who are familiar with your style of DJing when I say you should be playing out more. What do you think?

I love DJing, and it really shows when you see me behind the decks because I get animated and crazy. Music has been and always be the biggest passion in my life and I’ve been blessed to have the support of my family and friends for over a decade to reach the point I’m at today. With that being said I’m sure all of us in the scene out here would love to play out more but with limited venues and a rising number of DJ’s it takes more and more to stand out these days…

I’m sure the responses you’ve received on M4 so far have been mainly positive. Has there been any positive or negative responses from a someone’s opinion you truly, truyl valued that surprised you yet?

Haha, I think the biggest negative response I’ve received from anyone at this point would be from other DJ’s asking why they haven’t had an opportunity to work on a project with me!


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