Real Talk w/ Different Definition #Part1


Brief us all in your journey and time doin Hip Hop.

I was introduced to Hip-Hop by a good friend of mine back in Washington State in the 90's. I studied names like Masta Ace, Little Brother, Swollen Members, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, & Ice Cube. This was the spark that lit the torch that would lead to me to find artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan, NWA, Immortal Technique, Aesop, Atmosphere, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Notorious, Mos Def, Talib, Immortal Technique and the list goes on. We would freestyle at parties and in our own free time but, even though I started out as the inexperienced newcomer, one fact still remained. My skill and rhythm (even in my first attempts) superseded almost all others and my ability to learn delivery and punctuation followed suit. So this naturally made me curious as to why this was true. I began by looking to my family tree and found that there were members of my family on my mothers side who were musically inclined, some of which who had connections to Hollywood but, there was one man who brought it all into perspective. My father, never really having my him around during this time made it so I didn't know much about my bloodline on my fathers side. Then I come to find out he is a blues player and a soul musician who was said to play "true to the soul". This was all I needed to know. Hip-Hop for me was a journey that lead me to find my true self as well as a voice seeking the worlds stage.

Now inform us on your ventures and endeavors in Hawaii's hip hop scene.

When I first moved to Oahu I was living on the North Shore in Cement City. So I began by doing open mics at Breakers in the Haleiwa Market Place as well as parties around the Shore I even rocked with the group called Ill Valley eventually battling the lead emcee/vocalist Hoku. Surprisingly people actually took notice enough to were I was getting gigs on a pretty regular basis. This sparked my interest to venture to Honolulu and explore the true HI Hip~Hop scene. This is around the time I met Sam "The Pakman" John and the Different Definition ~ Peace of Mind Crew collaboration was established. We performed at various venues such as Manifest, Fresh Cafe, Club 7080, & Ong King as well as events around Honolulu like the 4th of July parade in Kailua and a carnival set up at Pearl Harbor for the troops. We also started recording our collaboration album which was never completed entitled "Positive Addition". This was where I got my first taste of Hawaii Hip~Hop. We had the opportunity to rock the stage with many of HI's finest emcees and Hip-Hop groups such as Ill Hill, The Dead Beats, RisUp, Jonah The Whale, Definition, Jason Tom, J.J. the Jetplane, Broke Mokes, I even had the pleasure of rockin with R.U.N. at Jazz Minds a few times. Then me and Sam parted ways. Shortly after I began to work with Terrance "Suspek" Williams on an album produced and engineered by Moe Love and none other than Hawaii keyboard player/producer Code-E Keyz from Pensacola, FL. This EP actually was jus dropped a few days ago on Cody's bandcamp, you can check that out. After the album was completed I focused on knocking out a solo album with local beat wizard Blakout, a little known producer with an enormous talent for creating classic Hip~Hop/Soul instrumentals. The album entitled "All Aspects of Thought" also enlisted the talents of Tesa Soul (a local soul singer from Mississippi) Kiesh (a reggae rapper/singer from Jamaica) and local emcee Jikk Johns, as well as Moe Love a local producer from Pearl City. Then I was introduced by Travis "Dotcom" McDonald a good friend of mine to Raas "Loyalty" Harris. We got to work on the album entitled "Spiritual Warfare". We performed at various venues around Honolulu such as Nextdoor, The Station, & Fresh Cafe. We even got a chance to open up for The Grouch at our show at Nextdoor. We soon parted ways near the albums completion a few months later. This was due to creative differences within the duo that could not be negotiated by any means. The next show I performed was Trilogy at Fresh Cafe put on by Duke and Kiki King (the founders of the Freelance Clothing Company). I began performing my solo album "All Aspects of Thought" while at the same time began writing the next two albums, one a mixtape collaboration with a few of Hawaii's finest emcees and the next solo album.


You and Loyalty came out hard as a duo but you all are both going solo for the time being is that correct?

Yes, we did come out as a hard duo. We are currently working on separate projects due to our decision to work on solo albums. The album Spiritual Warfare will still be released in it's entirety as soon as the LP is pressed and prepped for distribution.

Different Definition seems to have caught on somewhat in the islands recently, talk about the meaning of the movement?

The meaning is in the name. It's a different definition not just of Hip~Hop but music itself as well as yourself and the world around you. Create something true to yourself and watch the world around you change with it. Our main focus is to unite the world using the platform of Hip~Hop then to expand in infinite ways once it touches the masses on a universal scale. At this point in time my eyes are set on uniting Different Definition with the Hawaii Hip~Hop scene to create a bigger network in which we can all flourish together and not only reach more audiences but bring more to Hawaii.


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