Real Talk w/ @DunkXChange #DXCHawaii


Interview w/ Curtis Brown Co-Founder of DunkXChange

How did Dunkxchange all start?

The DXC started with Gary Hughes buying fake nike sb dunks off ebay 3 times. After a while sitting down drinking he decided that he wanted a safe place to buy trade and sells sneakers and so the DXC was created.

How did the partnership with Hawaii come about?

I use to live in Hawaii, went to Roosevelt high school and BYU Hawaii. I wanted to bring what I had built back to a place that I started to collect so we decided to do an event in Hawaii.

How has this event "exploded" over the years?

The event has grown so much over the last 7 years. We went from a show in Brea California 12 times a year with about 150 people per month to doing 54 to 60 shows a year with over 4000 people in certain cities. We have been featured on MTV, MSNBC, the History Channel and more.

What would you say are your top 5 Dunkxchange moments?

My top 5 DXC moments in no order are. DJ AM coming to a show in NYC, Being on MSNBC and MTV, Getting to travel all around the world for the event, Watching people come to the event for the first time and seeing them in awe and last seeing people copy our show bc that tells me we have made it.

What's your kick collection like?

I have slowly moved away from collecting but i still pick up things at times. I own about 400 pairs now but at one point I was in the 600 plus area. I still love shoes but things are coming out far to often to keep up. I like to collect the older stuff now.



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