Real Talk w/ Joseph Soul #DJAudissey


Get us up to speed with your music career, for folks like me that know you more for your excellence as a DJ?

Well, I do wear many hats within the music industry. Aside from being a DJ, I'm also a singer, musician, producer, and engineer.

Where does your passion for music come from?

It started when I was a baby. In fact, I recently heard a story about my parents wedding. I was about 2 years old and the ring bearer. While walking down the aisle, I stopped in front of my grandpa who was playing the entrance music and just stared at him, held up the whole wedding haha!

How was living in Vegas, how do you think you benefited from being out there?

I absolutely LOVE living in Vegas. I actually still live out there but spend a lot of time in Hawaii to promote my latest release at a singer. The biggest way I've benefited from living out there would have to be developing a sense of ruthlessness I like to call "Beast Mode". In vegas, you don't get gigs by sitting on your okole whereas in Hawaii, I had already developed enough relationships to sit back and get called for gigs. Being in Vegas brought back my "Hustle".

Biggest misperception people that don't really know, may have of you? Set the perception straight?

Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm pretty open I guess. I would have to say that some people might think I'm conceited or anti-social or both because I don't really go out and party. The truth is, I don't really drink (due to medical reasons) and when I'm in Hawaii, I stay in Makakilo so its kind of a drive to town.

Eli was telling me you guys go way back as friends, how far is way back?

Well, I met him through one of my really good friends. I was always the "music" guy in our crew and at one get together my boy introduced me to his homie Eli. Turns out he could sing too so we instantly clicked. He is the super homie and I'm very glad I met him.

What's next on the music front for you?

Thats a tough one. I'm constantly trying to out due my previous efforts so from this point it would be recording another album that outshines my previous ones. Also, I just got one of those "calls", I'm working on some music for a major artist that I'm not ready to talk about yet but it could be big.


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