Real Talk w/ @Crystal Method Part 2


What supermarket did you two meet and what job(s) did you hold at the time? Have you ever been back to that market?

The supermarket was Smith's Food & Drug. It was in the Green Valley area of Las Vegas. Scott worked in the video department and I was a perimeter clerk which means I sometimes was the cashier when it got busy, and then other times I stocked the items that get depleted the most, such as bread and milk. The store is unfortunately now closed.

Who would you credit for EDM's surge in popularity today?

I would definitely credit artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, and even Lady Gaga for EDMs surge in popularity today.

Any thoughts on Paris Hilton's attempt at Djing?

DJing well is harder than it looks.

It must be feel awesome to rock out on the CDJ guitar, what is the normal reactions you get when its brought out on stage, what are your favorite rock groups of all time and have you named the CDJ guitar yet?

We have named it the "TCM-2000 A Bass Odyssey". Scott loves walking out on stage with it and playing it and we get a great reaction every time.


What do you check out on Youtube?

Cute kitten videos.

Talk about the new “Sling the Decks” album?

It will be out by the end of summer, going to have at least 5 new songs, plus remixes, and we have got collaborations from Nick Thayer, Z-Trip, and The Infamous Kita.

Lastly what have been the keys to The Crystal Method’s longevity?

The most important thing has been our absolute love of making this music.

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