Real Talk w/ Dee Wizzard


How you became a DJ in the 808?

I became a DJ in Hawaii thanks to DJ Rude Dogg, DJ Kalamete, DJ Jimmy Taco and DJ Kool E. They are the first four DJs that reached out to me and included me in shows and events. If it was not for the Aloha these four men showed, no one would even know me in Hawaii. They are the first guys to give my talent a chance.

Some DJs got all the skill in the world but have trouble networking. Less talented DJs get opportunities by undercutting. What does all that mean to you in the big picture of a Hawaii DJ trying to make it today’s overcrowded business?

I believe that personal relationships are the factor of becoming a DJ in Hawaii when you are not born and raised here. It’s easy to be given your spot but more respectable if you are given you’re spot based on your talent. If you spend time with people at the beach and at parties and events, you build a relationship with them and they see you are talented and a nice, respectful person then you will have a better chance of getting booked for events. Friendship, Aloha and family is very important in Hawaii.

When did you decide to go by DJ Dee Wizzard?

My mother Elizabeth White gave me the name Wizzard when I was about ten years old because I was very talented and mastered anything I was involved with so it was like a family name. She used to say “It’s Mr. Wizzard” when I would walk into the room so it caught on. People call me Wizz for short. I love you mom.

Everyone gets a lucky break from time to time, whether it be meeting the right person, someone getting a sick or what have you. Talk about the highlights of your DJ career and what led to each highlight coming to fruition?

One of the biggest shows I did was open as a DJ for Lil Wayne of YMCMB. A respected business owner in Hawaii by way of California by the name of Darryl Hollingsworth introduced me to members of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and we had a chance to spend time together. They booked me right then to open for Lil Wayne which is one of the most famous and important hip hop figures of our time. That night was a life changing experience and made every show after a bit easier to get because people were able to see me showcase my talent and now I get booked on a regular. These people already heard about my skills as a DJ because I was doing any and every show I could for a number of years. When we talked and they got a chance to see the real me, they were impressed enough to give me a real chance. Without the talent I have as a DJ I would not have been able to land any show no matter who I know so the bottom line of any of my shows was always my talent but my personality is what makes me who I am and makes people gravitate towards me not just as a performer but as a friend.


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