Real Talk w/ @Onrabeats Part 2


How was your North American tour been going? What have been some of the highlights?

The tour has been going very well, it's very different from city to city obviously, but it's always a crazy new experience everyday. I've met many good people and made connections, that's the highlights. Travelling and meeting people teaches you many things about life and who you are. It's a blessing.

How have the early reviews/receptions from the live crowds been for Deep In the Night EP thus far?

Well, it hasn't been digested enough for the crowd to fully appreciate it, i've seen them listening and paying attention, before they really get to the point of enjoying it, it's already the next song playing. I think it's a good introduction to hear it live for the time.

Props, Praises, Plugs?

I'm extremely looking forward to come to Hawaii, never in my life I would have thought I'd be able to go. Please come to the show and say what's up!


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