Bangin Top 5: Grind Spots & Missing Hawaii by Creed Chameleon


1: Kuru Kuru Sushi
2. Sanoya Ramen
3. MAC 247
4. Romy's Shrimp Truck
5. Mitsuken

What I miss about the islands is definitely that ALOHA feel whenever I'm out and about, whether it's shopping or at a bar, everyone shows love. In comparison to the mainland, A lot of people out there are concentrated on their own thing which gives off this stuck up vibe. One thing I got to say is that Hawaii has got a much more diverse and talented scene than the rest of the world and I have confidence it will go somewhere soon as long as everyone supports each other. Currently, I'm working on a new album called, "Putting Life On Mute" which is set to be released the end of the year. I got some upcoming shows in the near future with HI veterans Tassho Pearce, Amphibeus Tungs, and more. August 1st I will be having my homecoming show at Next Door. For more info, check out

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