Real Talk w/ @djpacko Part2


Trippy title for the third "installment," what is the meaning in your eyes in respect to the new project?

With the World going through so many changes, the primary inspiration for this project comes from the theme surrounding the idea of a “post-apocalyptic” world of sorts. It’s not necessarily the end of civilization, but yet the death of the ego, an era, society’s political warfare, indigenous land rarity, and cosmic changes, but mainly the notion of machines and robots that WE have created over these years that are silently taking over our lives. For many of us, we’ve forgotten how to simply live, truly and independently. The human race is being conditioned to capitalism at an amazingly increasing rate. Whether that’s the universe’s answer for us to help ourselves or not, just know that we as a people will eventually need to learn, or rather re-learn, how to defend, protect and feed ourselves in the end. Music project is my way of defending my “voice.”

Tell us about the creative process and the influences behind the process a bit?

I love skratching [records] and I look at this as an art piece, a portfolio, to say the least. The first two installments were released 2009 and 2010 respectively. As much as I wanted to drop the 3rd in 2011, I decided to hold off on it and work even more diligent on it. Aquadust 3 is NOT a mixtape, it is a highly detailed environmental auditory adventure taking place in the not so distant future. It’s also NOT a collection of the biggest and latest rave anthems played to the masses. Think of it more as a bass archive showcasing necessary talent I delicately searched for to get my point across, and to what vigilantly vouches for what represents me and my sound. These tracks were carefully selected to reach out and speak to the viewing audience to whisk them away to a world where creation and destruction is Life. Such is death and rebirth, build and destroy. Where water is the creator and dust is the aftermath. Water rules us all, and is the necessary building block of life. Hydrate and heal yourself through music.

Many albums of just about any genre experience a huge demand the first month or so and interest/popularity essentially begin to tail off soon after. How do you want this project to "live" as long as possible?

My goal with the Aquadust series has always been and will continue to be to choose the most notable recordings of the dubstep genre, while showcasing the turntablism aspect of it. I’ve listened to many, many dubstep mixes through my DJ career. And yet, til this day, I haven’t experienced anything like this particular series, with the exception of my inspirations QBert, Vajra, A-Trak , and Craze. Initially, I wanted to open the eyes and ears of other DJs, producers, fans, etc. to create highly intricate mixes involving more than just mixing from one song to another. I plan to make my mark, and say that I’ve been doing the dubstep/turntablism thing first in Hawaii, if not the nation, because either no one else wants to, or just doesn’t care about it. Either way, I set the game ablaze, raise the "mixtape" bar even higher again, leave a legacy, and wait for the next best influence to move me. Aquadust will then become a reference art piece, rather than just a recycled mix that thousand other DJs did, are doing, and will continue to do. Think of it like this: I don’t make you dance, I make you think.

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