Real Talk w/ DJ Packo Part 1 #Aquadust3


How have you "advanced" your sound on this project in contrast to editions 1 and 2?

Aquadust 3 brings in more of the same elements that had initially inspired me through the first 2 installments. With such a big following from the first two, it was only right to make it a trilogy, with no end in sight just yet. But, the biggest difference is that the sound is much more polished. There are constantly new artists on the rise and I enjoy showcasing new talent with these compilations. In addition to the sound, I’ve developed many new scratch techniques learned over the past few years. And that only seemed right to put into action over the heaviest tunes in the dubstep industry. Aquadust’s initial idea, and the reason it was created, occurred through the influence of the sound that “dubstep” had, it’s crowd reaction, it’s melodic downtempo flow, and it’s trancelike state, while incorporating many samples and elements from electronic and Hip Hop music that were already in existence. But, my main focus from the sound is how simple, pleasant and enchanting it was to go in and out of dub beats while skratching. For those that are aware of my sound, skratching records was my lure into the DJ world. Dubstep solely provided the blank white canvas I needed to paint the sounds I see and hear.

When are you at your creative best alone or with equally creative minds around you?

Alone. It’s much easier to think. Although think tanks with other like minded folks are just as necessary to improve. I feed off of others’ energies and ideas very much. I’ve always liked to pick peers’ minds as much as possible. Shared knowledge is contagious.


Packo’s Website

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