Real Talk @Cut_Chemist #Part2 #NextdoorHNL


Was their ever a time over the last say, 10 years that you genuinely felt worried about the direction the turntable aka the DJ culture was going?

Right now is the darkest hour for djs. Its the time of the celebrity dj. Its getting more popular to not appreciate the skills of a dj. Society champions irony. "Look at that person that shouldnt be doing this do this, yay!"

What do you remember from your visit to the islands 10 years ago?

It was with Jurassic 5. The show was incredible with a great crowd. I remember checking out the Waimea bay and snorkeling with Soup and Numark. Can't remember much else.

How has your summer been and what should we all expect from you for the duration of 2012?

Ive been working on multiple projects. I hope to be coming out with 2 of them this fall. Ive been working on a follow up album to Audiences Listening as well. That will follow early next year.

Final words, props, praises, plugs?

Props to all the fans and all the people keeping it progressive and new.

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