Real Talk w/ @IamCros1 #FSHawaii


How did the partnership between Freestyle Sessions and Hawaii come about?

Last year Paulskee was in Hawaii pretty frequently and wanted to an event out in the island so we linked it together. This year I was approached by the fellas and we made it happen.

What would you say are your top FS moments?

Probably Freestyle Session 3 watching Flying Tortillas battle Soul Control, Freestyle Session 5 first event for me in LA and Freestyle Session 8 when going from nearly being shutdown to getting past that and throwing one of the best events of all time.

Did you attend last year's Honolulu event, if so what were your impressions?

I was at the event last year it was a small turn out but everyone that was there was having a good time. Hip hop was definitely in the building with all elements being represented.

How would you say Hawaii's talent measures up to other places around the world?

Hawaii definitely has there own flavor still young and youthful so hopefully with events like these the skill level will continue to get better. Definitely see improvements everytime I come back.

What initially inspired you to start FS and how has it grown?

In San Diego there was a big event in town Bboy Summit and it was yearly people would practice only around the time of that an other events. So once summit left I wanted to throw events to help keep people practicing. So through the events we sparked the scene and it's been going ever since.

How do you think Freestyle Sessions benefits from having a presence in Hawaii and vice versa?

Hawaii was always a big market for us video wise when we were selling dvd's and even VhS tape back in the day. So it was only right to eventually throw a prelim and get the winners to the actual event in LA. Gives the bboys on the island an experience they won't forget.


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