Real Talk w/ @Onrabeats #PartOne


I'm guessing that music is a creative outlet for you. How would you describe the role music has in your life and the personal fulfillment making music has on you?

It's definetely been life-changing, I feel blessed to be able to do what I love, and to feel free in that way. It souds cliché but Music is a religion to me.

Is this the longest period of time ever in N. America?

Yes I've been here for a little bit now, three or four months.

Interesting or quirky American traditions you have experienced on tour so far?

Nothing that surprised me to the point of mentionning it. We've been raised with american culture playing a huge role in Europe. And it's not like it's my first time either so, I don't know what to answer.

How do you hope signing with Fool's Gold Records will help your career? How has the move been good for you to this point?

It will be good cause it will help open me to the American market. Fool's Gold has a really good reputation and A-Trak is one of the most influential DJ / A&R, so obviously it means a lot to me and I guess that helps me build up a higher profile.



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