Real Talk w/ @Cut_Chemist #Part 1


When do you think the culture at its worst/best?

Its at its best when DJs actually do the work, selecting the music and mixing the music. Its at its worst when djs dont do anything and act like they are doing everything. Its like not feeding something the nutrients it needs in order to grow and keep living.

Who would you consider your closest friends or comrades in the DJ world today?

Beat Junkies are my favorite. Talented and cool people. We also have a lot of history together. We did two tours together over 10 years ago. Ive done some touring and a cd with Shortkut as well back in 1997 called Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut Live at Future Primitive.

What do you miss the most about the “Golden Years” of turntablism?

I miss records, record stores, dmc competitions with vinyl, battles in the clubs....

Have you ever been a bit scared about acquiring Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

When I was practicing 4 hours a day in the 90s I might have been worried but not any more. I focus most of my time on production now.


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