Love Fest Talk w/ @Gspot808


What were some of the gripes of last year that you can honestly say won't be issues this year?

Well We constantly learn and improve as a Team. This is a huge Team effort. Every year we want to improve every single aspect. I Know food and beverage will be a Skyrocket of improvement in every aspect. Another detailed example: The "Tribal Hawaii" Area {Traditionally: where the Love Dome was} now is gonna have it's Own Area with the much needed space that wasn't there before. Bigger Better Stronger. Fire Tribe, Atma, Gardell and the coordinators of Tribal Hawaii are gonna finally be able to Flex their BM Powers. And in Tribal Hawaii Area we are bringing in from california "Lucid Sound System" to do sound:) , simply remarkable sound. Cabana and Love Lounges are being handled by Flash and a veteran overstaffed crew from the infamous SkyLine Promotion, Apt 3. Not to mention for the 1st time ever we are offering bottle Service. There is no one better to handle this in the State of Hawaii, then Flash and Maria and Their team. This will be an improvement beyond measure. We are doing 3 different Live broadcast to the world for the duration of the party. Entry will be improved. Parking will not be an issue, free or cheaper and I'd say a 95% drop in cars getting towed. It is in town. More ATMs. Taxi's will be in abundance, Taxi company's would not do pick ups in Kapolei unless you paid in advance by CC. Every year we learn and improve as a team. Every Year we sincerely try to improve every aspect of The Love Fest.


What are some of the biggest improvements festival goers will notice this year?

I think the quality of Food and Beverage service, selections, and speedier service is gonna be dramatically improved.

What went into the coordination and move from Wet N Wild to Kaka`ako?

After doing the 1st event at Kakaako for the “Official Hawaii’s Millennium Party” DEC 31, 1999. I set a goal to go back and do another event there at least by 2010 or 2012. It was a world class event and I always had desired to take it back to that stage. My partner Reza and I discussed this for a few years now as a to that the move would happen sooner or latter. 2012 is a magical year.

Would you say this is the biggest “festival” to hit the island since Phuture Hawaii?

(The) Pro Bowl annually, Sony Open annually, and Lovefest 2010 and beyond, annually. Lovefest has grown into a valuable international destination event/commodity for Hawaii’s Economy.

How has the popularity of EDM in mainstream music helped not only the festival but dance music as a whole?

Tremendously. I tell people all the time, it’s this generations Rock N Roll. It’s a dramatic shift in Music and just as controversial as when Bob Dylan switched from Acoustic Guitar to Electric. That was literally a national uproar. Hey, “Its Only Rock n Roll and I like it”.



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