Real Talk w/ @PouJackson #RootsRapp


Where does your love for Hip hop come from and when did you start turning that love into your passion of rocking the mic?

My love for this was instant, as far as I can remember Run DMC days, my brother dem use to slam the shit out of NWA back then and I fell in love. Music was always apart of me but Hip Hop consumed me rite away. 1st LOVE for real, same thing wit rocking the mic, that transition was eazy. As an MC you wanna touch the mic, you wanna rock that shit. If hip hop is your first love, the mic is like your first loves sweet punani, you do that punani right it will give you back the most incredible feeling u ever felt in your life. Until the next time u do it. (haha)

How would you describe your sound and what you are trying to bring to the scene?

Two words, ROOTS RAPP, yeah thats me. Half of my album is over reggae beats. I know Im not the first to rap over reggae music but no one has ever done it like us. Hip Hop was my first love but reggae has always been a part of my life, a part of my culture. Aside from the drum patterns all the other instruments were played live. Something you just gotta hear. The diversity of the music we do is a good and honest reprsentation of island living. Roots Rapp is fresh and positive, even with a parental advisory sticker, it's still positive, and that's wat we bringing to the table, that FEEL GOOD MUSIC.


Talk about your Hawaii Hip Hop family.

My (HI)p Hop family is everybody from the Blokk, KONNAH BLOKK. We been making music for well over a decade now. Mostly underground demos & mixtapes, like real underground kine. Im pretty sure if your not from the housing you never heard of us, but yeah me, Mr. Kupid, and my homie Skooby linked up and formed Herban Legend, but everybody just knows us as Konnah Blokk. My brother Tee did all our music, and he still rockin wit me. that boy is bad. I have a couple producers I like to reach out to from time to time, and their all totally different from each other. Braddah MaiTai & Intrepid just to name a few.

What is Pou Jackson listening to right now?

I aint gonna front, alot of Pou Jackson. (lol) We’re constantly adding music to our live shows so I’m always bumping new music, new instrumentals shit like dat. I’m really diggin’ the poly movement coming out of Cali rite now, YX and GRMSquad etc, I listen to alot of reggae still, Bob to J-Boog everything in between. Lately I been bumpin’ alot of Broke Mokes too, they tight.

What excites you about the current state of Hawaii Hip Hop?

The current state of hawaii hip hop is good, really good. In the past Hawaii Hip hop was considered strictly backpack music. Not saying that’s bad, its just now, it has expanded to almost every type of Hip Hop, and slowly these different types of local hip hop is being accepted by the people. You can’t box in hip hop, that’s what makes it fuckin’ awesome. We come from one of the biggest melting pots on the planet. It’s only right our music reflects that. If we all stay on our grind, I’m sure somebody will rise and unite the islands, again. (lol)


Tupac or Biggie?

I can't pick between these two, both in my top five dead or alive. Pac was the poet, Biggie was the lyricist. Both styles were unique and raw in its own right. Both got a couple classics under the belt, as in more than one. Both help me get thru high school. I don't know, I cant do it, it's like asking me to pick between my kids. I love them both the same.

Nas or 50?

Nas easy. 50's first album was fuckin' bangin'. I used to knock that shit hard when it dropped, after that though, I don't know. Nas on the other hand, he go hard, all the time. Intelligent thug, he invented BARS. He's Mr. Illmatic, nuff said.

Final thoughts, Props, Praises?

@poujackson on Twitter, Facebook, Pou Jackson Music Page, POUJACKSON.COM, check out the album, feel good music from top to bottom...shout out my team, my family, and Konnahs. All the bBoys, Bgirls, MCs and Djs doin it for hip hop. I love it!! Thank you braddah Kalani for your time, much much appreciations. Hawaii Hip Hop will never be the same.

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