Real Talk w/ @Mochipet #Part2


If you had to explain you music in terms of a crayon box what colors would you use?

If my music was a Crayon Box it would probably be Crayola Changeables
(The Crayola Changeables crayons were introduced in 1995. The
chart[15] includes the color changer, an off-white crayon that goes on
clear and initiates the color changes in the other crayons.) and I
would use all the colors. I choose Changeables because my music Morphs
from one style, release, and sound to another. My music and live sets
are always changing in tempos styles and genres. I like to use all the
colors because I like to experiment with how they blend together. I've
produced everything from Flamenco IDM to Greek Influenced Hip-Hop to
German Techno and everything not in-between because I love to
experiment, I am always blending new colors with one another. Hoping
to create something new.

What would the drawing look like?

This is a hard one. To explain a drawing that represents my music with
words is quite a challenge, but I think what it would look like, if
you could see, it is my soul, or my being, a little bit of me being
sent out into the world. Either that or little drawing of Mochi like

Weirdest thing a fan as ever said or done for you?

When I first started making music as Mochipet an artist from France
sent me a Collage made out of 70's Italian Porn cutout and positioned
to spell "Mochipet." He basically made a piece of art out of recycled
70's Italian Porn and Cardboard. He mailed this to me all the way from
France so when I opened the door the Mailman just said "Mochipet?" and
handed me a giant piece of cardboard wrapped in Newspaper. It was quit
a surprise to me that someone who didn't even know me that well would
spend all that time making something like that and mailing it to me
all the way from France. It was nothing sexual or anything it was just
a creative piece of art and even when I look at it today I still say
"WTF?" I later meet that artist in France on tour and we became
friends. Another time a female fan mailed me a box of Dental Dams,
Play Doh, and a T-shirt. That was quite amusing as well. I have yet to
meet her in person.

The most important piece of technlogy you use other than your computer and cell phone is? Why?

My Coffee Maker, cause it wakes me up!

Talk about the memories of your previous visits to Hawaii. How do you plan on soaking up the islands have to offer this time around?

Last time I was in Hawaii was on the Big Island for NYE 2012 and I had
an amazing time. I couldn't think of a better place to spend NY. The
people, weather, scenery and everything else was just amazing. I hope
this trip will be just as awesome. Looking forward to the visit!

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