Real Talk w/ @Mochipet #Part1


Weirdest thing a fan as ever said or done for you?

When I first started making music as Mochipet an artist from France
sent me a Collage made out of 70's Italian Porn cutout and positioned
to spell "Mochipet." He basically made a piece of art out of recycled
70's Italian Porn and Cardboard. He mailed this to me all the way from
France so when I opened the door the Mailman just said "Mochipet?" and
handed me a giant piece of cardboard wrapped in Newspaper. It was quit
a surprise to me that someone who didn't even know me that well would
spend all that time making something like that and mailing it to me
all the way from France. It was nothing sexual or anything it was just
a creative piece of art and even when I look at it today I still say
"WTF?" I later meet that artist in France on tour and we became
friends. Another time a female fan mailed me a box of Dental Dams,
Play Doh, and a T-shirt. That was quite amusing as well. I have yet to
meet her in person.

What are you trying to potray thru your music?

Well they say "Art is an expression of the human condition" so I guess
what I am trying to portray is my human condition living in this
always changing and ever so complicated world that we live in today. I
think my music portrays my experience and things that have come in
contact with. I am a Taiwan born Chinese American who grew up
listening to Metal, Avant Garde Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Jungle Music. I
have an affinity for cooking and food and I love to create things.
Some say my music represents this. Other just say "BASS"

Who was the last DJ you heard play live that really impressed?

I think the last DJ I saw live that really impressed me was DJ Qbert.
I had the honor of opening for him in San Francisco. He's really made
DJ into an art from. I am not a DJ but rather a beatsmith but I can
really appreciate what he has done with the art.

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