Bangin Top 5: HIp Hop Pioneers by DJ Une @eastthree

This is part 1 of the 5 part series from the homey Froy Velasquez. Note: His selections are in no particular order. HzUP!



One of the humblest peoples I’ve ever met. His accolades and contributions to hip-hop culture are on a global level. Mentored by the original Phase2 (1st Generation New York Hip-Hop Legend), East3 constantly spreads Hip-Hop culture from Hawaii to entire globe. Aside from being one of the original members of Rock Steady Crew Hawaii, and an original founder of 1st Universal Zulu Nation Hawaii Chapter, East3 has worked with the likes of Thud Rumble with DJ Q-Bert, The Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech, Kid Robot and Scion to just name a few. Even with a full schedule, East3 still finds time to work with local artist and companies pushing Hawaii’s Hip-Hop culture to a global level.

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