Real Talk w/ Mike D


Talk about the havoc you've been creating on the national airwaves as of late.

As of late I've been enjoying national recognition with mixes done for Gotye, Kirko Bangz, One Direction as well as other artists. It's one thing to get mix show airplay, but a whole 'nother feeling as a remixer to have your version as the version the station plays throughout the day.

Which of your remixes are you most proud of?

Well, before I down a list I'll keep it to one; I really do like the gotye one I did. and not just because it was picked up across the nation and helped the record go to number one on billboard, but also because the song really helped me out in a bad time in my life last year. they say music heals the soul; I was a fan of the song before I decided to remix it, so when I did I put a bit more of heart into it... from the concept to the sequencing to the mixdown I wanted to put the same effort and feeling into the remix as I got out of the song.

Your FB page says that you've been DJing at Z-Bar since 2001, what's been the key at holding down a residency for that long?

Remembering that you are playing for the crowd, staying fresh with music as time progresses, and always having fun. if you're not having fun as a dj, you should not be a dj.

Does it bug you in anyway that many of your remixes get major love and airplay outside of Hawaii while a smaller number recognize your music achievements here?

Not really, the radio and club djs here are very cool with what I do and show great support, and I appreciate them for that. as far as radio, it is a bit hard to get regular airplay because my mixes don't always fit their format. not anything I'm upset at, and coming from a radio background it's totally understandable.

What's your take on Hawaii's DJ pool, past and present?

Hawaii has a lot of DJs. what makes Hawaii different though is we have a LOT of good djs... always has and always will I believe. I think it's mainly due to the fact that there's only so many djs and so few places to spin, you have to be as on top of your game as you can.

How has 2012 been for you so far? How do you hope to do major damage this summer and how do you intend to make this year one of the illest to date?

2012 is quickly becoming my year of focus and drive, more so than ever. I'd love to put out original tracks by the end of this year (I've been working on stuff but no preview... you know me, I'm a secretive person with perfectionist tendencies), yet the remix game has been stepped up 10 fold so we'll have to see where the year goes!

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