Bangin Top 5: Moments w/ Mike D.


5) accidentally setting my hand and arm on fire at level 4 and not freaking out. I had minor burns, but... showmanship, right?

4) the first time I lifted the needle off the wrong record... I don't know exactly where I was but that was the first time I had that fear of, "holy crap I just stopped all the music!"

3) when I was 14-15 and I learned how to mix mathematically using computer audio software... I never could afford turntables as a kid (I didn't even own a pair until I was 23-24) so I had to learn how the concept of djing worked in an unconventional method.

2) the first radio mix show I got, which was on 104.3. great feeling.

1) this might sound a bit corny, but every time the crowd loves what you're doing, that's the best moment. when they're cheering for what is being played, it's just an absolute great feeling compared to nothing else.

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