Real Talk w/ @RubyIbarra #Part2


What gets you pumped as far as music is concerned?

Gritty, Eastcoast-style beats. Basically anything that is reminscent of that classic Wu-Tang Clan style!

If there were a Hip Hop version of The Voice, would it work and would you enter?

I certainly think that a hip hop version of The Voice would be very interesting. In hip hop, especially in the specific community of rappers, image has always played a significant role. In each era, rappers have worn specific styles of clothing, from Adidas sneakers, to Timbs and baggy jeans, and now, Jordans and white tees. So if a rapper were to be on The Voice and the image was completely removed, that would only leave judge to hear the beat and the emcee's lyricism. With that being said, I actually think that a show like this could bring hip hop back to just being about skill-- no first impressions of things that shouldn't matter like "swag," looks, or race. However, the downfall to this concept would be that the judges aren't able to see how the emcee rocks the crowd. I would definitely enter a competition like this because these talent shows on tv is a great platform for unsigned artists to get exposure on a grand scale.

I came across an interview where you said “skill has no gender,” what a powerful and true statement, when was the last time you were underestimated for being a female and how did you handle the situation?

Being a female in hip hop certainly has both its positive and negative aspects to it. The positive thing is that when people see that I'm female, it intrigues them and gets their interest enough to want to listen to the music. However, the negative side to it is that I feel that the label of "female rapper" is used to confine me as an artist. For instance, I typically receive comments on my Youtube page that say "she's good for a girl" or "I don't usually listen to chick rap." People don't realize that statements like these have very sexist tones and suggest that women have a separate and lower level of skill from men. I try to pay such statements no mind because I identify myself as a rapper-- no prefix needed.

Getting a mention in XXL is one of your biggest accomplishments, where does performing in Hawaii rank among the dope things music has allowed you to do?

Being featured in XXL's The Break was very humbling. Performing in Hawaii is definitely up there, too! I haven't been to Hawaii and have always wanted to go, so this is certainly going to be a memorable exprerience for me. I'm absolutely appreciative to Workhouse and Gumz for inviting me to perform.
Twitter: @rubyibarra

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