Real Talk w/ Ruby Ibarra #Part1


According to your Tumblr page you love Spam, Eggs and Rice, how did you acquire such good taste in food?

I attribute that to my Filipino background, haha! Spam and eggs has always been one of my favorite meals, so when I found out that I'd have the opportunity to perform in Hawaii- a place thats big on spam, I did not even have to think about the offer twice.

Explain your run in with a principal at a recent show?

I recently performed at a high school and at the end of my set, the prinicipal approached me because she felt that my use of explicit language was entirely unprofessional and wrong. However, I felt that my music and poetry were far from offensive because none of my lyrics are sexually explicit, demeaning, or promote violence and hate. I tried to explain to her that my use of explicit language solely serves to emphasize a point I'm trying to make and helps to illustrate the topic I'm discussing. I don't believe in censorship in the arts because that takes away from the expression, but I will certainly keep this situation in mind the next time I perform at a high school. Hopefully this doesn't happen again because I want everybody in the crowd to have a good time!

What kind of student were you in high school, what “crowd” were you in and did you have any “run-ins” with your high school principal?

I was a good student in high school. When I was younger, education was definitely the forefront of my focus and my mom always ensured that my sister and I got our education before anything else. Also, no run-ins with my high school principal, (haha!)

When are you at your creative best?

Whenever I am far away from a pen and notebook. Most of the time, what ends up happening is that I have to record an audio of myself driving in my car while rhymes come to me.
Twitter: @rubyibarra



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