Real Talk w/ Jaegurl


When did you first touch a set of turntables?

Never knew what Djing was all about, but my cousin would always make jump on his turntables when I was in the 8th grade. He tried teaching how to juggle (lol). I was off an on throughout high school and my ear for EDM grew. It wasn't until a weekly here on Oahu called “The Shop” that I got more serious into it. All thanks to Ryan aka DJ Ikon for continuously putting me on the lineup!

First time playing in a club can be a nerve racking experience, how was your first time?

I can't forget the first time I ever spun at a club, back in Venus days for Livewire. I was so nervous but after I was done. I couldn't stop jumping up and down, repeating out loud “I love the rush. I love the rush. I love the rush.

Who would you call your major influences?

No one taught me how to spin. My cousin only wanted me to learn how to juggle but never taught me anything about transitioning an such. I had to teach myself by watching and listening to others play. I learned by watching Technique, PSI and Tide.

What was your most epicly memorable performance to date?

Playing at Love Fest last year. I couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't stop dancing while I was playing. It didn't help either that my friends were screaming in my face. It was such a crazy night and the vibe was so unbelievable. I had no worries at all while I was back there even though I could barely hear my monitor because of screams in my face.
The guy before me asked how was his set and I gave him input and he said that it meant a lot coming from me and I let play 15 minutes longer because I know he doesn't play out much. So I let him keep going. I know he was just as excited to play there as I was but I like letting others enjoy their time there more than me, know what I mean?


What’s your role in Pure Coalition?

I’m head of the promo team and resident DJ person. Paul relays messages through me to the team and I report back to him. I make sure the team has all they need with tickets, flyers. I make sure the event has what it needs. I guess you could say that im more of the behind the scenes person most of the time if i’m not playing.

How did you become part of the BOAY family?

I’ve been a part of BOAY before it even became a production. It was something that we all used to say back in the days. I remember when the term was born. I guess I’m one of the main people for that too. Tom-E always asks my opinion on things. I never thought in a million years that I’d be where I am right now. Small Hilo girl putting together small get togethers and to have Livewire passed down to Erick and I.

How would you say you’ve grown over the last few years?

Maybe I’m not as nervous at times. I have the “go get’um, rush’um” feeling before my sets. You can’t really be going on there all shakey. That’s what’s going to mess with your head. Just take a deep breath, maybe a shot and get on up there. I mean like, it really shouldn’t be all about pleasing the crowd, you should be spinning for yourself because you love doing it. Not to impress people and “get the girl” kine. Playing music that I love is one of the best feelings. Not everyone is going to like the same genre but at least you’re doing it because you love it and in it for the right reasons.


Thanks to Randon Sheldon, 00sopt, Purevybe Kona (alika kahiwi ikaika),Paul Kahana, Kimo Johns, Nikki Sword, EP & Sheri, Nightmarcher, Shift, Creative Sounds. Paul Brandon for always pushing me. Thank you so much and big ups to you for this even I don’t think I deserve it. I’m a nobody really. Thanks to Trancis and Nakanna too. Oh thanks to Marvin Ventura aka DJ Scarrd for helping with a few kalapana parties n still helping with everything til this day . Thanks to my bf Matt Tam for the support and encouragement.

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