Real Talk w/ Yung Tunez #Ahuihou


As you leave the island, what memories will you take with you?

My first show.(lol). It was kind of bad and my first Dis n Dat interview. My first show was at Club 4 Play. No-one really new me so no love was shown. Some people at the end of my performance actually came up to me and said I did well. When my Dis and Dat interview aired a lot of people thought I was too cocky. I never wanted to come off that way. I just think it was the difference from where I came from to where I ended up which is Hawaii.

What would you say are some of your more memorable performances?

The performance I did at Level 4 it's on YouTube! No-One knew who I was and the reception from the crowd when I hit the stage was unbelievable. Another was the DARE performance at the Stan Smith Center. The kids were great! They cheered as I took the stage and my message was to stay away from drugs of any kind and stay focused in school. The Hawaii block parties always made me feel like my music matters. When I came out and the crowd roars makes you feel like the king of the world you know.

Who do you truly make music for?

Well I want to say for myself to express myself but I never keep the ones who are struggling and dealing with problems far from mind. I also keep my home Virginia close to heart, and lastly the "screw" (chopped/screwed). I'm doing a lot more of that to my music.

Talk about some of the struggles you had to overcome, given that the hip hop scene is so small here, and how did you over such obstacles?

Getting recognize was a big part. It takes a lot of promotion to get a buzz going. Also being accepted and yet I still feel like I'm truly not and that's fine. The music I produce comes from inspiration all over so trying to make that into something that's me is pretty difficult since you want your own sound. My music is much different from what people are used to hearing. I have more of an East Coast sound. As well as my mixes are different too.

Fill us in on your next project, I heard it's a good one.

Long nights x Early mornings, the name speaks for itself. The EP will have a new side of me only a few know. This project will have Houston influences, rock and roll, and R&B. We even have story telling. It will drop this summer while I'm back home in Va. I have already put out 2 albums. My first was "InVasion", my second was "Boy Meets World" both are currently sold on iTunes.


Your last performance is this Saturday, how do you intend to make it a great one?

I really don't know it's all spur of the moment but I will guarantee it will be one for the people.

Final words, shouts, plugs and praises.

I want to Thank God cause without him there would be nothing. Mama Bear for believing in her son. Montez for being hard on me when I needed it and the managing of my music, thus building StarBoyRecords LLC. My brother who knows every word to each song I've ever written and performed. He's right there with me. Actually one of my songs "Inspiration" on my first Album "InVasion" was about him. Shackhouse Productions for being there in the beginning works. Kutmasterspaz for being my music manager and opening doors for me. Brysen G for being a brother to me and more than a friend. Imua Garza for mixing and mastering my production. Brett Ortone for welcoming me into his studio and taking me up under his wing. Last but not least, you the fans and the ones who take the time out of their day to listen and spread the word about my music. To ALL that read this article.. Thank You!


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