Ill Talk w/ Sirenz #Part1


The tracks you sent over are pretty damn beastly break down the new album for people and the blood sweat and guts that went into it?

This album has been five years in the making. I record so much that I either get bored of certain songs or save them for other projects. Not to mention whatever is currently going on in my life at the moment kind of affects the mood of my music. StarKiller initially started out as a much darker and harder album till I started going thru beats and writing and the tone changed. Having to invest so much of your own money can be a pain and not having the financial backing of a label is tough but it allows me the create the kind of music that I want to make. The internet opened the playing field for all aspiring artists to get out there and network and gain a fanbase. The more u put into it the more u can get out of it as long as u dont get discouraged by the bullshit that comes along with pursuing your dream.

What tracks would you call the "meat and potatoes" of the project?

Tequila Gundam is straight up lyricism which I've always been a fan of lyric driven hip hop. H On My Fitted is reppin my home town, I was born in Cali lived in places like DC, Vegas and Japan but HI has always been my home off and on for the past 12 years so I gotta show love. The homie H.E.A.T Banga produced like 8 joints on the album. But then I have joints like the Havoc produced "Cosmonauts" which is a club joint but really reflects what the night life is like in Waiks. I got something for everybody on this album, the girls, the backpack heads, the street niggas, the hipsters I tired to make a balanced album that people can just ride and smoke to

Now that the album is available, what's the game plan in ensuring it infects as many ears possible?

Hitting the net and maintaining a heavy online presence is the key to staying relevant in this game nowadays. Social networking has really gotten rid of a lot of leg work an artist would have to deal with. Making sure my videos are dope and creative and not the same rented car with one of my homegirls grinding on me with a stack of money all my boys chipped in to make a stack lol Making sure I rock every show and entertain the people who want to hear dope lyrics and banging beats. U create the demand, u give the people something to hold onto and they keep coming back for more. I made this album for those days you and ur homies or u and ur girl drive around the island blazing, eating shrimp truck and u play it all the way thru cuz ur just vibing to it

Give us a brief history on how the Hammer Brothers initially all got together?

The Hammer Bros. started out as and still is a collection of solo artists who come together on some Avengers shit to kill mics lol I always wanted to put together a crew of some of the 808's best emcees or at least who I thought were the best. Individually tho u got cats like Joekerr who has 2 solos on deck, Qron and Jik have the Therapy album which is amazing and have their own solos on deck as well. We plan on coming together on one album once we release our solo projects but there isn't a show or a stuido session where one of us isnt with another H.B that's fam


Often times,the 9 to 5 grind gets in the way of our passions in life, has your daily work grind ever had an effect on putting out and creating music?

Hell ya getting scheduled on show nights. Putting aside music to make money to support myself which takes away from my time with my art. I dont have kids and Im not married so I do have more time to devote to my craft but still not as much as Id like to. If it was up to me Id live in the studio haha This the only thing I ever got better at, I wanted to be a marvel comics artist and I peaked at some point, I wanted to play pro ball and I peaked at some point, making music is the only thing I kept getting better at and continue to. I feel like I owe the world a few classics before I hang it up

Criticism…… has it effected you in a positive way?

I dont let negative criticism affect me for the simple that Im my own worst critic. I put so much time thought and effort into my songs that Im only worried about disappointing myself. I listen if its someone who has a frame of reference to speak from half the people that talk shit couldnt even string a few words together much less make a song so I dont pay that any mind. Our scene is so small and every body is a rapper so its hard to get the support from actual “fans” Niggas hate on each other cuz ur in competition with the next person. Over here cats are fighting for shine more than making money or getting they business up. Our venues are being shut down, our nights being taken away, name artists are not coming as frequently as years past so Im more worried about that than petty in fighting with other rappers. If It wasnt for cats like DJ Bone and Riana we wouldnt have much of a scene left. I came up when Cix and Tassho and Creed them were all young bucks and God Im gonna sound old before all this online shit lol Big City Dinner was the spot and cats would come every other week. Souls one week, Slug and Eyedea (RIP) the next, the like Micah 9 the next its not like that no more

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