Ill Talk w/ DJ 720 #Part2


How long have you been into video mixing and what do you dig most about it?

I've been into video mixing for approx. over 2 years. I really dig how it adds another element for a club patron to enjoy. Its a visual stimulus and I love people's reactions when they ask,"Are you mixing the videos live?" It has been around for a minute, but now it's even easier to manipulate, create custom edits and visually blow people's minds away. For me, video mixing is one of the newest creative outlets we have as a DJ and I hope more clubs and promoters pick up on it.

How do you show off your "versatility" as a DJ?

I like to do custom audio and video edits. That's probably the biggest thing I can do these days as well as do some scratches and trick mixing in between. Also, I love to drop "unusual' genres in a club. I like to catch a crowd off guard or make them go, "wha??" but still groove out and dance their butts off.

Who would you say are the most influential DJs in the 808?

Whew, that is a difficult question. That answer would definately change from DJ to DJ in this state. Im just gonna say that every DJ I have the pleasure to know or spin with, I consider influential. If you go out and listen to other DJs when you can, you are influenced in some way or another. I've been lucky enough to be influenced by DJs of the old school such as DJ Elite, James Cole, Spaz, Kool E, Jimmy Taco, Big John and all way to current DJs such as Technique, Compose, Flip, Audiessy and my homies in my crew.

Will there ever be a way to weed out the undercutter DJs, explain to those that don't understand the concept about why it is such a bad thing?

For those who don't know, an undercutter is a person who KNOWINGLY under bids or cuts a resident DJ's gig by offering a significantly lower rate (or just DJ for a bar tab) just to get a job. Im sure this has been an ongoing problem in the past, and I'm sure it will continue as long as certain promoters and club managers who only see the bottom line and not the value a DJ brings to a venue or party. With the advent of digital DJ software, there has been a significant increase in people who call themselves DJs, therefore the demand for DJs has dropped and the people who have the money can get the lowest bidder. Only way I can see DJs weeding out undercutters is to keep pushing themselves and creating that demand for their talent and skills. An undercutter can talk the talk, but can he or she walk the walk? a skilled DJ can sell themselves both on paper and on the dancefloor when it counts.

Shouts, Props and Praises.

Shouts to Kalani for always giving love to DJs and giving us a voice! To my crew for always having my back and sticking with me no matter what. To all the DJs in hawaii, thank you for keeping the scene alive and doing what you all do. We have the talent and the rest of the world is beginning to see that! You all have been a big influence on me and inspire me on a daily basis to push my skills and talents as DJ to a higher level!

Current Residencies.

Sunday: Monthly rotation at Mai Tai Bar
Monday: "Broke Azz Mondaze" @ Red Lion Waikiki
Wednesday: "Kona Winds" @ The Counter Kahala, Weekly Rotation with Kool E
Thursday: Rock Bottom University
Friday: Once a Month at Hideaway Bar on Barber's Point
Every Fourth Friday, "Crush!" @ Bar 35
Saturday: Lojax on seaside

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