Ill Talk w/ Absolute


We will be premiering a new joint of yours entitled "Joint Forces" real soon, speak on the song and upcoming projects you may have?

Joint Forces is a song with B Good who was like a mentor to me. I was an affiliate in a group he had called the Chief Squad. This is our first track together and its a play on words from our time in the military and his love of weed. Also, have the Living Legends Project out in stores and available online. That project was a dream come true to work with guys I consider idols and legends in my favorite era of hip hop the 90's. I'm releasing free music from my facebook page. 10 singles in appreciation of my time in Hawaii called Life's A Beach EP.

It might be obvious to some but how did you become known as the infamous Dirrty?

They started calling me Dirtee when I was high school. I used to tell the best dirty jokes, I thought I was going to be the next Richard Pryor or something.

Is Dirrty and Absolute the same dude? If they were to square off in the octogon who comes out victorious and what is the finishing maneuver?

Yes, Dirtee and Abso are the same dude. Dirtee would win the fight TKO due to punches. First round.

So you're checking out of Hawaii soon, where you off to bro?

I'm heading back to the DMV. Where everything started, like another lifetime ago. You had to know the right people to get on the mic back in the day and have some clout. I dont believe its the same process nowadays. I started off on some Whodini type rapping, then switched to some X-Clan style and Das Efx before I found my current style.

Give us the lowdown on your involvement in not just Hawaii Hip Hop scene but the D.C. scene as well?

Best HIp Hop show you ever went to?

Best show ever - 1988 Capital Centre, DC, Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Third Bass. I want to say that Heavy D was a part of the show. The show was fresh!!! Some of the best ever in Hip Hop. Who can rap, dance and handle business like Big Daddy Kane? No one. Slick Rick - lyrics, accent and the best flow ever. No one is as cocky as the Ruler. Salt N Pepa are legendary. As a kid watching the show, i was in awe. I even try to bring some of those things that i remember to the table when i perform.

What's your take on the HIp hop scene as a whole?

I love hip hop as a whole. Im old school so I enjoy my era the most but I still have respect for the art and the new era. I listen to more hip hop than the regular dude. I enjoy listening to German, Spanish and Bulgarian hip hop. Some of my best collabos have been in different languages.

You are a diehard Redskin fan, how do you think RG3 will pan out and can he handle the D.C. media?

Redskin fan for life. RG3 should work well, he just needs to stay out of the DC nightlife. You really cant tell how someone will handle the media until they stink up a game. Its all lovely when you are winning and when you lose ... ask Jason Campbell.

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