Real Talk w/ RoxyOTM #PART2


What are the coolest perks that come along with Emceeing?

Haha, the nightlife and entertainment industry and it's patrons definitely know how to show their appreciation for individuals who give them a great time. The perks are amazing, and I will always be grateful. But just remember the perks don't just happen, there is a lot of hard work in to creating a product people appreciate. So I don't want this to come off as all glitz and glamore kinda deal. There's a lot more of blood, sweat, n tears involved than anything else.
And yes I have enjoyed 'stuff' like outrageous vacations, epic hotels, uber beautiful people, amazing food, a lot of alcohol, and more. But the best of all these are probably the most amazing people I get to meet. The nightlife and entertainment industry holds the most ever "something out of nothing stories". It's very inspiring and motivating. That's probably the best perk of all... To Be In The Presence of Creativity & Perseverance. A lot of "Get-Her Done" attitudes.

Emceeing looks like tons of fun, talk about the work and preparation that goes into your job?

Trail By Error. You never know what's going to work until you try it. But at the same time you need to be relevant to your audience. Not everyone likes being yelled at. Not everyone likes to hear you crack a joke. And there are only so many times and so many ways you can tell your audience to get their hands up.
I watch a lot of "greats" rock the mic - rappers, musicians, television hosts, blogger videos, both dynamic and not so dynamic preachers, teachers, and even worship leaders. It's not just about what you say but how you say it, when you say it, who you say it to, and did the audience even hear it or even want to hear it too. I am conscious of the pitch and tone of my voice and the way I form the words in my mouth. When at a concert or at a nightclub I constantly ask myself, "Is what I am doing right now communicating what the music should make people feel? Am I adding to the experience or taking away from it... distracting?"
There is a lot of prep that happens and most of it is mental. I'd say being an entertainer is 5% is clothes n physique, 5% eyeliner, 10% hair, and 80% figuring out what people want and how to give it to them so they receive it.

Would you care to share an interested story or two on a few experiences that were only made possible because of your role on Mic Control?

I got TWO !! :) One is with my family and the other is here in Hawaii.
I may not have much to give to my family. But I can definitely contribute with entertainment now. In the past few years, I've been able to take the role of Master of Ceremonies for family parties and reunions. My dad was always the emcee for family events, even before I was born. I don't think I'm as good as my dad but I know I'm getting better. It was a great moment when I emceed my first family reunion for 400+ family members. I was so nervous cause no one in my family has ever seen me do anything like that... ever. I had them laughing, crying, and even got to get back at my sister a bit with embarrassing stories. To get approval from my dad and to hear how grateful and proud he was of me definitely makes that top emcee experience ever. No joke, my dad is the man at emceeing or hosting any party. I wish he would host more but I think he really enjoys not having to entertain and work a family party or function. I'm glad to do it and hope next time he'd do it with me.

The second story is the reason why I started getting really serious with emceeing. It was actually at Soho Mixed Media Bar for a First Friday event. I had already been emceeing everywhere and even had gone on mini tours to different states. Basically, when I say I wasn't serious with emceeing it means it was still just a crazy drunken good time for me. It was actually the second time I've emceed at Soho for First Friday and everything just clicked. From the music to the lighting to the crowd to the raging chaos - there was a moment where the owner, Daniel Gray, the DJ, Joel Ricker - DJ Rayne, the photographer, Ana Medina, and myself kind of all looked at each other in AWE. It felt like the moment just slowed time down, and we all realized at the same time what we were apart of was friggen amazingness and so special and bigger than ourselves we were in AWE. I took a breathe and yelled on the mic and it felt like we went from our little intimate moment with each other and warped right back into crazy raging party again. But the party was at a different level of AWE from there. It was like you couldn't even hear the music anymore or even my voice but all you were aware of was people and good positive vibes. I know it sounds hoaky but it was almost spiritual, like worship. When people by the masses gather together to feel good and celebrate together its amazing. And that's when I new emceeing and music isn't just a drunken good time, its more than that. It's a phenomenal blessing to really enjoy life.

Best thing about First Fridays at Soho?

The People - The Owners, The Staff, The DJs, The Sound, The Photographers, The Lighting, The Artists, The Security, and The Patrons. We all work together with good vibes to create an awesome experience. Every First Friday Soho Mixed Media Bar has raged hard consistently. People come knowing they will not be let down. And knowing our team, we will definitely not let them down. The owners, Daniel Gray and Mark Becker, love people who put hard work and care into everything they do, and it shows with the high caliber of talent they hire locally and abroad for both their staff and entertainment.

Final thoughts, shouts, props and praises.

Next time you dread waking up in the morning to go to work, be grateful because there are a lot of people in the world who have no job to hate waking up for. If you ever felt like maybe your not getting a lot of life, consider this... maybe you've already been receiving a lot and its time for you to give back... try volunteering when no one is looking. And finding happiness in everything and not when you are prepared to feel good is the trick. A good place to start is being grateful.

Mahalo to my unconditionally loving family.

And to all the long list of amazing talent and movers and shakers I've been fortunate to befriend and work with... We ain't dead yet. Lehgoo :D


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