Real Talk w/ Bernies Diction


Put us in to focus on your career in the music scene?

I got my start 16 years ago in Tucson, AZ. At that time I was 16 years of age and was eager to learn. The rave scene in Tucson was very ripe and it seemed like there were parties happening every week or at least every other week. My Mom gifted me 2 Technic turntables and a Vestax mixer. I remember having bought just a few records that I could practice with and if I'm not mistaken, they were Trance records. I played for hours and hours and hours trying to figure out how to keep the beat matched. Hahahahaha...
I've always been into long transitions. I like the game of it. It just never seems to get old, especially with how much music gets released nowadays and how easily obtainable all of it is. After a while, I started working for a record company called Sound Factory. These guys were the main reason the rave scene was happening in Tucson. As time moved forward, I got better and as a result, started playing the bigger parties being thrown. I was still under age at this time though and hadn't really been in too many clubs and the ones I had been in or had played for couldn't really compare to the warehouse parties I was involved in.
About 5 years passed by and I decided to move to Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. Needless to say, there isn't much of a scene there. However, the few things that were happening were a lot of fun and always full of good energy. I was there for about three years.
When I moved to Oahu, I felt I was eager to be back in a city. I was a frequent visitor to Oahu, but didn't know much about the scene. I mostly came here to spend time with the Hawaiian side of my family.
The first gig I got was with CASA. Anyone who's been apart of the scene here a while knows about CASA. Held on Sundays and always had really good house music, it was literally a place for me to relieve stress and give the following week a good start. I think I played there as a rotating resident for about a year and as an added bonus to the mix tape I gave Roobee, I got bookings at multiple other events happening around the city.
If I'm not mistaken, the next big residency I got was with Next Door in Chinatown. Vegas Mike and Miguel booked me as a rotating resident and they always paid the best. I think they knew the value of the DJ, whoever it was that was playing. You can't have a good party without good music and they always got that. At that time, Next Door was the place to be when the weekend hit! It was always packed with eager ears and happy souls. Some of my best friends today, I met there.
While upholding that residency, I was asked to play at “The Living Room” hosted by Reed and Eugene at Fisherman's Wharf. I was a frequent patron of their already popular event and was humbled at the opportunity they gave me. Sometime after, Lotus Sound Bar had opened up in Waikiki and I was put on the roster there as well.
We (my brother and I) were always having these after parties at our house, right off the Pali. Our place was dubbed “The Tree House” at that time because you had to climb up about ninety stairs to get to our front door and once inside, the space kind of made you feel as if you were perched on top of a tree. For a full year we had some crazy raging parties, every single weekend, all weekend long. There was just nothing else to do after the clubs closed down, so our home was open to all our friends to come hang out and continue the festivities. This was also the birth place of our company RAREFORM Entertainment.

Of course, this couldn't last forever and eventually it did stop and we started in on a new project known as EPIX. It was this little hole in the wall after hours thing we did for a year. Super underground. This place was lots of fun and gave us and our close friends a new place to play after the other clubs closed down, every Friday and Saturday, for about a year.

In 2009 we (Asylum//Rareform) got together with Alan Endorfun and threw The Global Dance Festival at the water park with huge success. The turnout was great! I don't think I heard one bad thing about the party. Later that year a bunch of us from Asylum went to Burning Man to play in the middle of the desert, for the Tetrion camp and continue to do so on a yearly basis.
Alchemeyez – In 2010 Rio Gordon invited me to come play The Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress that's held on Big Island. I think it was held at the Kalani Camp Grounds and was tons of fun. The art was some of the sickest I'd ever seen and the camp grounds were just as amazing. I really didn't think the place hosting the festival could be topped.
Then, in 2011, Alchemeyez was moved to The Hilton Waikoloa on Big Island. That hotel is AMAZING! It's a huge museum! If you've ever been there, you know what I'm talking about. It's a wonder how he was able to talk this luxury hotel into having what would otherwise be known as a festival. A bunch of The Asylum Residents were taken care of and I'm sure everyone can agree that that weekend will forever be remembered.
Later that year in July, my brother Fathom and I got booked to play The Love Festival out at the water park. I think they pulled in somewhere close to 11,000 people. Definitely a memorable night as well.

These days, I play Techno at the dopest club in Hawaii, Asylum. We've just recently been interviewed and featured in a four page article, written by the world renowned DJMag (Issue #507) and voted #50 of DJMag's top100 clubs in the world, 2012. I've had the amazing opportunity and experience to play with many of the worlds finest DJ's and musicians, to include all the residents at Asylum. On New Years Eve I was booked and flown to Philadelphia to play a party for ROC and Plays Well With. That city is sick with it! The people I had met along with my already established friends had shown me an amazing time in a city I had never been and I'll always be grateful. I'm still playing at other places around our beautiful city, but most of my time these days is focused on music production.

Where do you hope to take your passion for music?

I'm going to take my passion and Love for music to that next level. I'm writing a lot of music these days and plan on releasing a lot of it. I don't want to limit myself to just Hawaii. I Love it here and it's a wonderful home base, but there's a huge world out there that I'm ready to see more of. I'm excited to connect with all those people and experience different cultures along with the different scenes each of those places have to offer.


What’s right and what’s wrong about the scene?

I think the scene as a whole has been flourishing here in the islands. I’m noticing a lot of new events happening and many more people starting to turn on to dance music, of all different genres. I Love seeing the growth. It doesn’t matter the kind of music. Personally, I enjoy a wide variety of different genres. It just so happens that Techno Music touches my soul more deeply than the rest.
The biggest issue I continuously hear about from a lot of DJ’s is the payment issue. There’s just no standard and because there’s no standard a lot of genuinely great DJ’s get shafted. A lot of time goes into finding great music. It’s not just the one or two hours that are being played. It’s the whole week in preparation prior to the event as well, not to mention how much time goes into actually “learning” the craft.

It’s it safe to say that you want to generate the feelings you experience through music to the people you play for?

I’d definitely say that my emotions come out in what I play. For me, playing music is really good energy release. That’s why I Love Techno so much! There are so many different degrees of that genre: Deep, Dark, Driving, Heavy, Moody, Trippy, Heady, Bouncy, etc… I can take my set in any direction I choose to and in doing so, can give the crowd different things to enjoy and reflect on. All the music I acquire makes me feel something specific so when I play, I’m trying to tell a story of sorts while keeping the energy moving in a positive direction.

What are goals for 2012?

My main goal for this year is to release some music. I Love playing music, but I Love creating the music I so enjoy playing just as much.

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