Real Talk w/ @Westafa *Part 2


What do you hope to be known for in Hawaii DJ culture?
A DJ with his own style and a love for music

What is your definition of a DJs responsibility?

rock the party.. Be entertaining.. Be original and study your music also the history of it.

What responsibility falls on the crowd, if any?

Trust the DJ!

Genres and artists of choice away from the clubs?
New reggae/dancehall riddims come out almost everyday so most time downloading them listening for what to keep and what to get rid of.

What is your feeling on taking requests?
Depends on my mood and the request! I am usually not into taking requests but it can also be fun at times... Just depends on the vibes.

Fill us all in on Westa East.
WestaEast - has many meanings but it started as a publishing name for my productions and mixtapes back in 2003.

Talk about some of your hobbies and aspirations outside of music?

hangin out with family/friends, permaculture, sustainable living, basketball, Lakers, stand up paddle, and the list goes on...

Final thoughts.
Would like to say thank you to Kalani Wilhelm, Spinzone, Honolulu Weekly for the interview! Special thanks to Washhouse Music.

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