Real Talk w/ @Westafa *Part 1


When did you start DJing in the 808 and how would you say you have progressed since the earlier days?

First time djing in the 808 was in 2003 with DJ WHAT?! when I was still living in CA.... DJ Eskae brought us out. I was able to leave some mix CDs around the island. Then I came out a few more times as a guest DJ before moving here in 2008. But since then just meeting lots of good people that have helped me along the way. Also incorporating more styles, genres of music into the mix.

Current residencies?

Wednesdays at Next Door, Thursdays at Manifest, 2nd Saturdays at Bar 35

Where do your musical inspirations come from?

My father is a musician and always had music around me growing up. He played lots of Jazz, Motown, Hawaiian.. Also from artists like: Bob Marley, James Brown, Coxsone Dodd (Studio One), Stevie Wonder, Jr. Gong, Nas, Native Tongues... on & on

Where do your DJ inspirations come from?

Too many to list but here is a few to mention: DJ Kool Herc, Red Alert, Primo, Pete Rock, Roc Raida, X-Ecutioners, DJ wHat?!, J.Rocc, the Beat Junkies, Stone Love, King Sturgav, Mighty Crown, David Rodigan

While only a few DJs on the rock can feel at home playing for just about any crowd. It seems you are good at adapting to different crowds, vibes and venues, what would you say makes it a comfortable transition for you??
I think by not restricting myself to any particular style or genre and knowing that unless its a particular type of party like a Reggae club or Hip-Hop club, you never really know what to expect so you have to be prepared to switch it up to vibe with the people.

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