Ill Talk w/ DJ Skid *Part 2


Can you tell us a little bit about what the creative processes that went into the new album?

The third album is totally different because 70 percent of the production was done by Iphone free apps. Even though we still dig for samples, we wanted to incorporate best of both worlds through analog and digital type productions. BoomBap is still our main priority with a twist of the newer sounds.

It all started from me just doing a cut on one track that lead to 19 tracks that formed the first album. I think for the most part we are just like anyone else in the game, our passion to put Hawaii Hip-Hop music on the map was our main goal. We just love Hip-Hop and the people that supports the culture.

Kalihi, speak on your beloved hood and former stomping grounds for a minute.

Shoots brahh!! I live in the heart of Kalihi. The areas I lived in used to be gang infestested streets. Those were the days when you hear the term walk-by’s not drive-by’s and when the drugs came in, it totally changed the streets. I still love Kalihi no matter what changes may be.

What are some things you want to do while your back on the island?

I will be spending time with family for the most part. Kick it with ya’ll and hopefully everyone I know will be at the same roof for ALR’s album release. I just wanna enjoy the fresh island air.


You are very well respected in Hawaii Hip Hop circles, what is one messsage you want to send out to the Hawaii Hip Hop Family past, present and future?

If I can get through everyone minds. I just wan’t everyone to support each other. I don’t care if your old school or new school, learn from each other and find ways to become successful.

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