Real Talk w/ DJ Skid Part 1


Catch us all up to speed on how you've been doing homey?

I'm doing great with a family of my own. I am still active in the dj battle scene. LA is just a great place to be at because opportunities are endless and it just made me grind harder.

How hard was it to leave?

Leaving Hawaii was very difficult for me because this is where I grew up with my family and friends that I have gained over the years being part of the Hawaii Hip Hop scene.

What is the turntable scene like in Cali, these days?

Well! There's too many dope dj's out here in LA. The battle scene is kinda sick with the newer faces bringing out variety of different styles. The DMC's,SkratchPad LA,Redbull Thre3Styles, Beat Swap Meet, just to name a few so there's always something going on with turntables involve.


What would you say are your 5 most memorable moments in Hawaii turntable history for you?

There is so much that I have experienced throughout the year’s let me just bring up the most notable ones.
Winning ITF Hawaii Regional in 2002 by goin up againts dj Solution and DjDeception was fierce head to I have ever experienced in my whole dj career.
Opening for Black Eyed Peas with High Chief MC rocking the crowd. By the way Rest in Power my brotha.

Opening up for Visionaries with Audible Lab Rats was the most hyped up show we ever done in Hawaii.

Opening for Pharcyde rocking the stage with the crowd being all amazed in what i can do with the turntables.

All the local/regional battles i did againts Hawaii dj’s, if it were not for them I wouldn’t be who I am as a battle dj.

How often have you kept in contact with Stu and Chris, was it difficult to put put together/finish the new album?
I have always kept in contact with of the crew. We would have three way conference calls putting inputs together about ALR’s goals in how we could achieved them the right way which is to make quality music, have it recognized and distributed globally. The only difficult part is that I was never in the studio to do the cuts. But Nomadd and STU understood the formula of what makes dope tracks so I was never worried about them two.

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