Real Talk w/ @DJDirtySecret *Part 3 of 3


When I was asking for recommendations on who I should feature next, your name came up on more than a few occasions. Talk about your fan base of supporters.
I have the best friend and fan supporters in the world! I am so happy and grateful for my supporters, without them I would not be able to continue djing and move forward. A group of my good friends and supporters made “I <3 Dirty Secret” t-shirts for me -- it was such a surprise and made me incredibly happy! My supporters motivate me to do better than the last gig and strive harder to achieve my dreams!

How important is it for you to interact with the crowd? Do you have a signature dance or fist pump that tells the crowd that you are enjoying yourself as much as they are.

One of the most special parts of being an EDM dj is crowd interaction -- the crowd is focused on the music and the dj! I love every song that I play and I feel the same happiness and energy the crowd does so I dance and jump up and down with them! It’s the most incredible feeling to see and feel the crowds energy during my set.

Is the DJ Dirty Secret persona and Christina the same, what makes them different?

The name “Dirty Secret” personifies the style of music I like to play --- hard electro and progressive music. When I’m onstage, I feel very comfortable, energetic, and fearless! I speak thru the music! Whereas offstage, I consider myself to be more relaxed and reserved.

Shout outs, plugs, praises.
I’d like to thank you for the interview and Honolulu Weeky, my family and friends, Pure Coalition, Audible Emissions, OOspot, Indigo, my friends in San Jose, San Diego and Las Vegas, and everyone who continually supports me! I appreciate it so much!

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