Real Talk w/ @DJDirtySecret *Part 2 of 3


How would you best describe the vibe you try to create on the dancefloor?
I try to create a high energy vibe that makes people feel good and want to party harder!

In your interview with Elevate, you said you plan on moving to Vegas this summer, is that still in the cards. If so, what do you hope to accomplish in Hawaii before you leave?

Yes, I am planning to move to Vegas at the end of the summer. I’m looking forward to playing at as many EDM events and venues as possible. I hope to play at The Love Festival -- it’s been a dream of mine!

What are the advantages of being a female DJ in a male dominated industry?

Female djs bring a little flair to the club atmosphere! Being a female dj helps me to stand out, gain exposure, and be more memorable!

To be underestimated or overestimated, which do you prefer?

I prefer to be underestimated because it allows me to exceed expectations!

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