DJ Dirty Secret Interview Preview


Where does your passion for the music come from?

Would you say your passion for the music is the same as your passion for killing it on the decks?

Do you think you've made a strong name for yourself in Honolulu already? What do you credit for the level you HAVE achieved thus far?

In your interview with Elevate, you said you plan on moving to Vegas this summer, is that still in the cards. If so, what do you hope to accomplish in Hawaii before you leave?

What are the advantages of being a female DJ in a male dominated industry?

To be underestimated or overestimated, which do you prefer and why?

When I was asking for recommendations on who I should feature next, your name came up on more than a few occasions. Talk about your fan base of supporters.

How important is it for you to interact with the crowd? Do you have a signature dance or fist pump that tells the crowd that you are enjoying yourself as much as they are.

Is the DJ Dirty Secret persona and Christina the same, what makes them different?

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