Real Talk w/ @BadBoyBill *Part 2 of 2


Following your "big break" in music, what things would you say helped you maintain and sustain yourself as a representative of the culture of DJ-Music-Producer?

I would say my love for the music, and a continued pursuit for new music and sounds.

You're remixes are phenomenal and definitely enhance the originals, when you know you want to remix a particular track, what's the ultimate goal?

Thank you...The ultimate goal is to make something that I would want to play in my dj sets. I like to reproduce a remix from the ground up, usually only keeping the vocal and building from there.

Your status among the greatest DJs in the world is unquestioned. Where do you fit in to the current crop of talented DJ-Producers? You have created your own lane ( more like an entire freeway) Is their even a need to fit in?

I think its a very exciting time in electronic music. It's bigger than it has ever been in America, and I feel lucky to be involved with the scene and am inspired by the new producers emerging now.

What makes you your biggest critic?

I am a perfectionist so I usually spend more time on stuff than I probably should which means I don't release as much stuff as maybe some other guys, but when I finish something, I know it's the best I can make it.


It seems electronica has always been strongly popular internationally more so than in the U.S until recently. What artists or DJs should be credited for electronica’s resurgence in the mainstream U.S?

I would say artists like Kaskade, David Guetta, Tiesto, Deadmau5,Benny Benassi are the ones who really helped lead the way.

If you had to pinpoint a song or time period in which you personally noticed mainstream pop artists gravitating to electronica, could you? What artists or DJs do you believe paved the way?

I mean when you have Brittney Spears doing electronic dance songs, I guess you can say its went mainstream.

Talk about your memories of spinning in Hawaii?

I have always love playing in Hawaii. I remember parties back in the day for G-Spot that were amazing, and in 2009 when I played Global Dance Festival, the crowd was so into the music!

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