Real Talk w/ Bad Boy Bill *Part 1 of 2 #DigitalUnderground #Honolulu


Say you are inducted in the Global DJ Hall of Fame one day, what tracks do you want on your "induction playlist" and what information would you hope to be included on you HoF plaque?

I would try to pick my favorite song from each time period/style of electronic music. Some of my favs would be:

"Peut Être ... Pas" by Liaisons Dangereuses
"Grace of God" by Machine
"Good Life" by Inner City
"I'll House You" by Jungle Brothers
and then a few of my tracks:
"Jack It All Night Long", Can You Jack, Back By Popular Demand,
Yolanda, and Falling Anthem.

On my plaque: DJ from Chicago who started the mix tape craze with his Hot Mixes. Remixer, producer, and record label owner. DJ'd around the globe and pioneered the Chicago House Music sound as well as co-founding the online music store

What were the early goals of Beatport during its initial launch and what role do you play in the company today?

The goals were very simple, to create one central website where DJ'scould get all the latest electronic music in high quality formats. Thus making it so much easier for DJ's to embrace playing digital files which opened doors for so many more DJ's. My roll now is that of an investor as well as consulting as needed by our executive team.

Back to the fantasy Global DJ Hall of Fame topic for a second. Who are the Top 10 DJs that get in, first ballot style?

That is a tough question because there are sooo many great DJ's. No way I can keep it to only 10. I'm going to go with the legendary guys as well as a few new ones:

All members of The Hot Mix 5
DJ Kool Herc
Grand Wizard Theodore
Frankie Knuckles
Larry Levan
DJ Jazzy Jeff
David Morales
Tony Humphries
Danny Tenaglia
Jeff Mills
Francois K.
Lil Louie Vega
Erick Morillo
Roger Sanchez
Derrick Carter
DJ Q-Bert
the list could go on and on….

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