Real Talk w/ Byron the Fur


How did you break into the DJ/club industry?

It started when I was working for Radio Free Hawaii in 1992. I had access to so much music, and I began fooling around with mixes. Daniel J was also working at the station and he was the inspiration for me to start spinning. I had met a lot of people in the scene through promotions and events that the station held.

Talk about the good and bad about the nightlife industry that you have experienced firsthand?

Good - Seeing the sun rise
Bad - Seeing the sun rise

Your most unforgettable DJ moment.

Monster Massive 2002 - L.A. Sports Arena
Granted, it was only the opening set, but it was my first large audience (1200+ in my area alone).

What's your feeling on taking requests?

It depends. If it fits into the direction I'm playing, I'll try to play it.

Compare your job at Hawaii News Now to DJing.

I think they're similar in the aspect that they are both live performances. The difference is that I'm on a reverse schedule. I used to finish at 4am when I was DJing full time. Now I'm waking up at 2am to start work!


Talk about your memorable moments DJing in Hawaii and how you still manage to get satisfaction from DJing?

Every gig is unique. I've been lucky enough to be able to do this for as long as I have and to have played and worked in places like After Dark, The Garage, and The Wave. Just seeing people having fun, dancing and letting their inhibitions go, will always stick with me. But I do also remember lugging around crates of records from club to club throughout the night! With DJing become more and more digitalized, we can bring 10's of thousands of songs with us and keep sets fresh.

Wave Waikiki will go down in Hawaii club lore, what did you enjoy most about that place?

There was so much to love about The Wave. I think I enjoyed what everyone went there for, it's diversity. Music, people, events... they all covered every aspect imaginable. Once you walked into The Wave, you were welcomed in, no pretentiousness. Gay, straight, dressed up, casual... All were welcomed.


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