Real Talk w/ @MarquesWyatt #Part2 #Hawaii


Memorable moments in Hawaii?
My most memorable gig in Hawaii was on Maui in the mid 90's when Dimitri (from Dee-Lite) and myself played at the racetrack after their managers wedding. We drove out in the middle of nowhere to play a rave and all the sudden there was this amazing crowd of people ready to go off. We played into the sunrise, finished and walked up to the top of this hill and gazed at the ocean and said "not a bad job huh"? Good times.

You may disagree, but I believe soulful house has and may always remain more of an underground level, is that good or bad for the growth of the sound?

Personally, these things don't concern me. I don't care to be "Houstradamus" and attempt predict where the music is going. I stay in the NOW. Underground, above long as the music maintains it's integrity, I hope it finds it's way to Mars.

Congratulations of 13 stellar years of DEEP, Wwat helped set and keep the parties standard?

I think the key to DEEP's longevity will always depend on the high standard of music we present at our events. We've been able to maintain this, along with a supportive community in LA and beyond that resonates with our vision.

Any last words for your fans and fans of dance music in general?

My words to my fellow music enthusiasts is to accept all artists for their unique expressions of it. Nothing is wrong, just different. Some music will resonate with your tastes and some won't and this is why we have choice. I swim in gratitude everyday for those that choose mine. For those that don't, I trust you will find it somewhere. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to my Hawaii homecoming with the Lotus family this Friday! Blessings!

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