Ill Talk w/ Astronauts By Night


Although it is still early in your careers, what has been your "formula for success" to this point?

"Consistency with our mixes and gigs, interacting with our fans, and supporting the scene that we love. Not only are we deejays / performers, but we are currently a part of the scene. Meaning that we will go to electronic events to support the EDM community that we are a part of."

How did the two of you meet and eventually decide on joining forces to become ABN?

"We originally met in high school, but we werent that close of friends. Cozy was all about scratching, and the hip hop scene but it wasnt till after school when both realized or discovered we shared a love from electronic / Trance music, and thats when we decided to join up to create Astronauts By Night."
Where would you say Hawaii trance music as a whole ranks compared to other genres?

"Hawaii's trance deejays are possibly up to par with the rest of the world. But when it come to trance production here in hawaii its still in its infancy."

Mixtapes and albums we should know about?

"Our mix Star Gazer is our latest mix, but our favorite mix to date it the UpRising Mix we released a while ago, Both of which are availible on our soundcloud"

What's the shittiest thing about "politics" and its effect on the scene?

"GAH !!!! We're tired of politics!!!! Blah boom biddly bop !!! Even though this will probably never happen..... The day everyone can learn to stop arguing and trying to compete with one another, is the day that the electronic scene can finally live in peace and start to grow as a whole... Think about it... if all of the electronic promoters on island put thier heads together and thier egos aside we could accomplish so much more as a whole scene rather than multiple electronic factions fighting for thier own individual EDM beliefs."

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